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MIKE & NANCY SCRIBNER, Vintner Partners

Mike and Nancy discovered the property more than a decade ago, when it was nothing but flat, empty land and promising soil. They built the estate from ground up, planted Pinot Noir vines and enlisted like-minded wine lovers to help them tap into and cultivate the property’s unique sensibilities. Together with great friends they’ve created something authentic — grounded in its fully realized form.

KEN & DEBBIE VENNER, Vintner Partners

Wine had fascinated Ken and Debbie for many years before they decided to answer the call. During their search for a wine country place of their own, they met Mike and Nancy — and immediately resonated with the Attune estate and mission. Ken’s background in high technology brings a fresh scientific energy to the venture that has helped calibrate and refine the project in unexpected ways.


Kenneth recognized his Pinot Noir obsession during his student days working in restaurants and his local wine shop in North Carolina. He followed his calling west to Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and eventually south to the Carneros district of Sonoma County where he met the Attune partners. Kenneth’s thoughtful and deliberate winemaking style achieves the ultimate goal of Attune… wines of perfect harmony and balance that honor their source and all those who have a hand in their creation.

DAVID POVLAK, Managing Partner

For David, breaking bread with friends and family is the most important thing we can do in life — and one of its greatest joys. He met the Attune partners through their shared love of good food, world-class wine, and the hard work necessary to achieve it. That instant connection brought him into the Attune family from a career in IT, and his passion for wine continues to galvanize and unite the team in their collaborative mission.

JASON CAMPBELL, Sales Director

Jason has been a part of our extended family since we made our very first bottle of wine, so it was only fitting that as we grew, he became our first official sales person. With years of experience working in sales and marketing with Southern Wine & Spirits, Jason brings both knowledge and passion to our project.